Rob Schadt

robRob Schadt was born and raised in a small town called Jeffersonville in Sullivan County, New York. He has worked in Boston institutions of higher learning for most of his career.  He has graduate degrees in Sociology and Education and has specialized in teaching and learning as well as the integration of instructional technology. In March 2016 he retired from the Boston University School of Public Health where he worked for 19 years directing the Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology. He has had the good fortune of educational consulting work in India and Tanzania over the past 10 years. He also directs the Africa Exchange Project, a faith-based initiative with Plymouth Church UCC, which in addition to the exchange of people and culture, provides fresh water wells, educational assistance, and support for the health dispensary in the rural village of Pommerini in central Tanzania. His photography has put a face on these distant places that many people like when they see it and which brings him joy as well.

While he enjoyed his time in the city, he really enjoys being home. In 1998 he and his wife Mattie bought a house in the Boston Metrowest area next to the Ashland Town Forest. It reminds him of his childhood where his house backed up to a vast (at least it felt that way) tract of woods and fields. Rob recalls, "When we went into these woods we called it "going on the hill." I spend hours sitting on one of the decks outside the house (I have built 3 of them). I watch the birds, read, play guitar, or just look into the woods. The greatest part of my free time is spent working around the house on various landscape projects and gardening. I walk in the woods occasionally, not enough, and in the winter I particularly enjoy stoking our wood stove. Currently my Japanese garden has been my main focus and I seem to be succeeding in weaving spirituality into my physical as well my emotional landscape. In many ways it is like "going on the hill"."

Of all his blessings Rob believes, "I am most blessed by my family. Mattie, who runs her own private recruiting business, is my partner and best friend. She is the fuel that I run on. I get my sustenance from her love and caring. I am also blessed with my son Andrew and my daughter Emily. They are wonderful and as all who know me can attest, I am truly a man of many blessings."