Janice Silverman Rebibo

How It Has Always Worked

To begin with, he was standing in front of me at first,
taking it all in.  He was my holy grail just
for the taking and fell to his knees just
to grant me a feeling of height.  "Just
this,"he said, "and no more."  Then,
he rose again to his full stature just
before circling slowly until he stood
directly behind me. It was only then
and not before, regardless of what
others may tell you,
that I fell to my knees to avoid
asymmetry, which can be so
damaging to any relationship.


Poet Janice Silverman Rebibo is enjoying writing in English, her native language, after many years dedicated almost exclusively to her original Hebrew poetry. In Israel, where her poems appeared often in the press, she published four books of poetry and two of translations, winning several awards. Poems in print in both languages may be viewed on www.janicerebibo.com.