Matia Rania Angelou

they come to me in dreams

they come to me in dreams
wise women and men
with open-hearted knowing
speak of wonders
questions asked
and questions answered

listen with your heart, they say
to the silence
in the pulse of your blood
in the rush of the river

I listen
ears wide as the world
till waking
slips away

wisdom remains
as close as a whisper
as distant as the whirring planets
if only I could hear
if only I would hear

February 1997


Matia Rania Angelou, Eshet Hazon (“Woman of Vision”), is a published  poet, ritual artist, healer, and teacher.  Ordained a Rabbinic Pastor  and Spiritual Director through ALEPH, Matia is a Mikveh Guide at  Mayyim Hayyim Community Mikveh, Newton, MA, and a member of their  Ritual Creation Team.  Matia is a SpiritSong teacher who uses her  music for healing and spiritual refinement.