Volume 7 - Spring 2014

“Is it here yet?”

“Are we finally done with all this other?”

“I’m so ready for some greater light.  Some deeper warmth. A fuller energy . . .”

Oh, you thought this was speaking of winter ending and spring beginning?  Well, yes, that, too! But I truly feel the same can be said for this spring edition of Soul-Lit

Our feature poet, Rachel Barenblat (known as “The Velveteen Rabbi”) sheds her particular (and rather glorious) shades of light upon our journal, as does Catherine deVinck (who published her first collection of poetry in 1967).  Across the board, the titles alone offer a rite of spring to those of us so ready for it: The Hatchlings, Skipping in the House of G_D, Spice Holder, as close as any two molecules . . .

But this is a journal of and for spiritual poetry, that is, poetry that, as our feature maintains, “opens the reader up . . . to the Mystery underlying all things.” And that word, “mystery,” comes from the Latin for “one who has been initiated”  --  into life, in all its intricacies, of question and struggle, of Touch and Waiting. This, too, is spring.

May these poems add to the available stock of spring in our world, in all its fullest mystery.


Wayne-Daniel Berard

And a special thank you to this edition’s guest editor, Samantha Libby. “Today, I name everything and let it live where it lives.”


2013 Soul-Lit Retreat, Providence Zen Center, Cumberland RI

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