Tim Cresswell

Quaker Meeting

What kind of silence is this – in this plain room?
High magpies chatter. Parakeets squawk and swarm.
Rolling snores, shuffling shoes, clock ticking seconds.
Lists hum. Bills. Poems. A hundred errands.
Paula reaches for water under her chair.
A jumbo throttles into atmosphere.

Here come the lurching wolves. Shadows appearing,
out of the aspen, into the clearing.
Also Wormwood Scrubs, the squealgrind of doors,
keyclatter, bootbeats on iron mesh floors.
Also Tutsis, Hutus, chant and dance – turning worms  
churning compost on dusty Rwandan farms.
The mosquitobuzz of a bipolar surge.
Silence ends with smiling friends. Words. Emerge.


Tim Cresswell has recently moved from London (UK) to Brookline (MA). He is a geographer and poet who has been widely published in poetry magazines in the United Kingdom including the Rialto, the North, Magma and Poetry Wales. His first collection, Soil, was published by Penned in the Margins in July 2013.