Mimi Robins

Know for Certain

Know for certain
You, the soul, is forever
No beginning
No end
One with All
Beyond separation.

No need to worry
Over the Karma-driven
Constantly changing dance
On the stage of manifestation
Only the changeless is Real.

Why worry about the unreal?








Meant To Be

Anxiety and confusion has no place
In the truth of Being
In the moment of Now.
ALL is as it is meant to Be.

Anxiety for the future,
Fear of the unknown
Creates disharmony,
Draining energy and joy.
Realize and accept the truth of existence.
ALL is as it is meant to Be.

Karma, Cause-Effect and Destiny
are manifesting
As a transitioning dance
On the stage of time.
ALL is as it is meant to Be.







The Crescent Moon

The crescent moon meets the star of love
Emitting sparks of pregnant promise
In the darkness of night.
Rise and claim it.
Let songs be sung
As voices proclaim the joy
Of new beginnings
In truth and Beauty of Being.



Mimi Robins is very senior but following a mystic path as it unfolds while
living in Brookline, Massachusetts,

Retreat Home