Janice Silverman Rebibo

Three Poems Written at the Soul-Lit Spiritual Poetry Retreat, August 9-11, 2013


  1. The first two poems, inspired by Wayne-Daniel’s past life session (following Sam Libby’s poetry warm-ups!) open my upcoming poetry collection (in press), How Many Edens.
  2. The last is a little ghazal written at Deborah’s workshop – the “secret” is my middle name, Rose…


Longing and Loathing


We were in my Garden of Eden
When he said the sweetest thing
Naked on my dayglo white
King-sized bed
At the edge of my tiny meadow
Where the grass had gone all to seed
In the shade of the knowledge trees.
Biblically dappled sunlight
Graced his loins, I mean,
Made his skin look awfully
to me.
“This is not new,” is what he said,
“and I don’t think you should be
Zen about anything.”


How Many Edens Have I Known

How many Edens have I known
Walking up the stony path
Rejuvenated by a memory
Of dust and potato peels
Our pond is bluer than the sky




Soul-Lit Riddle

When palm to palm is lip to lip unnamed
I celebrate a blossom yet unnamed

With petals arching in a sunset prayer
Prostrating toward a sun as yet unnamed

Opening and closing my waxy wings
I am a soul-lit bud that wants to stay unnamed.


Poet Janice Silverman Rebibo is enjoying writing in English, her native language, after many years dedicated almost exclusively to her original Hebrew poetry. In Israel, where her poems appeared often in the press, she published four books of poetry and two of translations, winning several awards. Poems in print in both languages may be viewed on www.janicerebibo.com.

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