Gloria Mindock

A New Place

My eyelids blink with an eternal flow,
heart palpitates.
As I look at the moon, so round, white—
I am seeing the meaning of our world…

Life beyond the everlasting, words creating reflections
on the window and the dimensions of each
letter says language, says the unknown, putting me
in a cage.

If I close my eyes, I am blind, need a guide.
Opening them, I gaze at everything—the planet.
on display—a museum, every house, object,
all artwork for my view.
Gardens of brilliant colors intersect with me…
A lightness returning daily…

I want to capture it and take it with me
when I die.
But what if Heaven is better?
Holding me away from war, bombings, murders…
An untouched world, illuminating my soul.




Gloria Mindock is the author of La Porţile Raiului (Ars Longa Press, 2010, Romania) translated into the Romanian by Flavia Cosma, Nothing Divine Here (U Soku Stampa, 2010, Montenegro), and Blood Soaked Dresses (Ibbetson, 2007).  She is editor of Cervena Barva Press, the Istanbul Literary Review and one of the USA editors for Levure Litteraire in France. Gloria’s poetry has been translated and published into Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, and French.  Widely published, her work has appeared in numerous journals. Her new book, “Whiteness of Bone” is forthcoming and her fourth chapbook, “Pleasure Trout” was just published by Muddy River Books.