Linda Yael Schiller


Night Calling

Deep in the hush of the night-cocoon
While the world sleeps
I wake to the call of soft silence.

“Get up” it says-
“Go” it urges:
Listen to this moment.
When the whispered Voice of darkness
Calls your name.

Do not ignore the call.
Shema! Listen!
Not just to the shofar blast of Tekiah
But to this whisper-soft
still small Voice like Elijah heard
Deep within: Calling, calling your name.

Listen to your soul-song
And allow your soul to resonate
With the shiver of the strings
plucked by the Source
of the music of the stars.

As a finely tuned violin also sounds
when another is played nearby.

Follow that sound as you take your soul¹s journey
To this place/time
That is both now and then.


Linda Yael Schiller is a psychotherapist, educator, author, and dream-worker, in Watertown, MA.  She has taught extensively at Boston University, Simmons College, and Regis College, as well as at national and international lectures and seminars on dream-work, spiritual mind/body work, trauma treatment, group work, and integrating practical Kabbalah into both therapy and life.  She nurtures her soul with gardening, hiking, dancing, writing, and being with family and friends.  Her new dream blog is: