Janice Silverman Rebibo

Certain Sweet Enough People

My love, you know that certain sweet enough people bring joy to my life.
Although we may not live in your Uncle Karl’s condition
of radical equality, I turn on the TV and there they are,
those friends the singers in upscale flowing dresses, the guys in tee-shirts red and black.
Joy. Our art’s a discredit to all that’s high, and it’s breakfast food human, and public as
popsicles. Those four are my super-sized portion of social wealth, which I squander
with near orgasmic exuberance, I swear. When I too hear strangeness calling I nod obliquely
and stop short of queer. How dull that my best holiday will not be Yom Kippur,
but just some wine and soda Jewish New Year’s e-mail to those four just sweet enough
to bring me joy. Who knew before I googled it that strangeness is a quantum number useful for
describing short-lived love.  But here I look ahead with such naïve atomic energy and hope.
After all, my love, it is you who may well ask, conjuring up your proud relation, Uncle Karl,
Just how much inequality can this gal tolerate? Especially now, when we’ve discovered that
certain particles are pre-existing pairs. (O just which particles, I plug away and grin and ask
mid quarky dance, might you and Uncle Karl share?  Please show me one day soon!)
Such a strong interaction we’ve been in my long strange life.


Poet Janice Silverman Rebibo is enjoying writing in English, her native language, after many years dedicated almost exclusively to her original Hebrew poetry. In Israel, where her poems appeared often in the press, she published four books of poetry and two of translations, winning several awards. Poems in print in both languages may be viewed on www.janicerebibo.com.