Colleen Micheals


Magical Thinking

From my west window I can see
a small slice of a theatre's orange facade,
Le Grand David’s Spectacular Magic Company,
above marquee and below sky,
behind the eyelash of winter’s tree line.
This juicy horizon, vim of sky
pays no mind to rules of sunrise
and saws the day right down the middle.
Conjured by Marco the Magi
each Sunday at the 3:00 matinee,
it tricks me every time
into believing some new
vibrant version of morning.
Due west, wires invisible, no net
where I sit curbside expecting the murals
of jeweled elephants to be ushered
into the crosswalks for applause.


Having Never Prayed Before

Having never prayed before
he was not quite sure
what to do with his hands
or if he should bend at the knees.  

He tried postures he had seen
in those Boston cop movies,
always an empty church scene,
always the local accent off.

Inside the hood of his sweatshirt
his head hung low and he thought
he might look like a guy after something
who was used to getting turned down.  



Colleen Michaels directs the Writing Studio at Montserrat College of Art where she hosts the Improbable Places Poetry Tour. She has performed at venues such as the Bowery Poetry Club and the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, but she usually can be found bringing poetry to unlikely places like tattoo parlors, laundromats, and swimming pools. Yes, in the swimming pool.