Philip Anderson

Deacon Philip L. Anderson (1924-1995) was a true spiritual master, as well as a poet, calligrapher, carver, and voluminous letter-writer.  A Roman Catholic permanent deacon with a great love for the Eucharistic Presence and for St. Therese of Lisieux,  Philip taught and guided many from his hermitage, a tiny cell for meditation and prayer he built with his own hands beside his home in Hingham, MA. These haikus reflect a pilgrimage to Paris and Normandy, taken in 1994 with Wayne-Daniel Berard and his father, Albert Berard.


Notre Dame on an Afternoon
in Spring

A distant chatter of hammers
high up on towers
outside time itself


  From a Window in the Hotel
St. Jean, Caen

   St. Jean across a small Street
a reestablished darkness
the Light of True Presence


                   St. Julien du Pauvre

               A narrow street by Julien
Oldest of Churches
burning candles of prayer