Joy Nelkin Wieder

My Psalm

My lungs fill with grief,
I am drowning in sorrow.
I look for you, but you’re not there.

I stand on the precipice,
overlooking the chasm.
You exhale, and I am blown over the edge.

Suspended over infinite darkness,
I am airborne.
My cloak whipping in the wind, I cry out and reach for you –

At the last moment,
before I am lost to eternity,
You catch the hem of my garment.

Gently, lovingly,
You pull me back to earth.


Joy Nelkin Wieder is an author and illustrator. She has written more than 25 books for young readers. She wrote and illustrated two chapter books of historical fiction for Hachai Publishing’s Fun-to-Read series, including The Great Potato Plan, which is based on her family’s history in Warsaw, Poland during WWI. To see Joy’s artwork and books, go to