Linda R. O'Connell

One Night of Comfort

One night as I lay sleeping
soft winds blew across my face
like a brand new day
in the middle of the night.

One night as I lay sleeping
the sun rose in my heart
and my whole body felt
like one glorious smile.

One night as I lay sleeping
a petal from a beautiful flower
opened up and invited me in
and I drifted into the sweet nectar.

One night as I lay sleeping
I remembered the wind,
the sun and the flower, and I knew
God was holding me.



How kind of my body to remember me.
She took me back so willingly.

My arms released to the bluest sky.
The birdsong and the day moon; outside.

My breathing; a calming.
A dawning of first light.

My thoughts blown away by the wind
Nothing between me and the sugary smell of Spring.



laundry again

it never ends

sorting white load, dark load

hot water, warm
then cold

a labor of love
I believe

to fold,
and smooth the collar;

the cuff
with my fingers,

the sleeves with my palm

and tucked inside
a chest pocket

a hidden prayer

a sacred calm

just for them.



Linda O'Connell has been intensely interested in writing poetry for a little over 5 years. She audited a Romantic Poetry course at Wellesley College and got hooked on poetry (and writing) for the first time in hery life. She fell in love with writing poetry after writing my very first poem called "I Loved You" in 2008  in response to losing a child mid-term.  Her works range from the fun to the intensely personal.