Bridget Galway


Each moment seems without measurement.
There is no break or pause from this pain.
It comes as the tides do-
high tide is the welling up of sorrow-
then sobbing out until low.

Left is the imprint-
a bittersweet beauty-
like shells emptied of their creatures-
and rocks that tell no story of their journey.

Mom would collect these treasures.

I would only pick them up to hold for a while,
then put them back-
thinking they should be left to crumble or travel back into the sea.
It was the idea of holding a mystery of time.

Mom’s gatherings are here with me-
see and feel her imprint.
I see her like a little shadow-
a vision of memory all around me.


Bridget Seley-Galway, an artist/poet, has exhibited throughout New England, and can also be seen on the Spanish Island Ibiza’s web site. Her poetry has been printed in Provincetown Magazine 2009-2010,Bagel Bards Anthology 2009-2012, and Popt Art 2011-2012. Her art has been presented in 1985 Artist Magazine, 1991 The Review Cape Cod Arts and Antiques, 2005 Cape Arts Review, and picked for the covers of Bagel Bards Anthology #5, Ibbetson Street Press #26-#30.