Linda Yael Schiller

Song of Grief

Let yourself be as a hollow reed
so the wind-breath of the Blessed One can blow through you
and play you
the sounds of your grief:
your moan
your sigh
your keening cry.

Do not close down or block
the Breath of life
from finding in you opening.

Gently, gently
let yourself be hollowed
From the inside out
or outside in
(either way).
Thus clearing the debris from the path,
so the sounds of the universe
of eternity
can play through you
and through that hollowness of your pain and your grief and your longing
you can become
An instrument of the One.

Linda Yael Schiller is a psychotherapist, educator, author, and dream-worker, in Watertown, MA.  She has taught extensively at Boston University, Simmons College, and Regis College, as well as at national and international lectures and seminars on dream-work, spiritual mind/body work, trauma treatment, group work, and integrating practical Kabbalah into both therapy and life.  She nurtures her soul with gardening, hiking, dancing, writing, and being with family and friends.  Her new dream blog is: