Matia Rania Angelou

I must look a sight --
bundled in torn red sweater
scarf-wrapped and mud-booted
leaning on my faded cane.

Freed from ringing phones and noisy chatter
whirling mind calms to bird song
and aching muscles soothe to sunny rays.

I hear scrambling in the underbrush --
first sight of baby chipmunk
reminds me that the earth is new.
Old – yes - old as time is long,
yet daily new as deer are born
and fern peek heads above the ground.

Birds circle to spot a bit of breakfast.
I have forgotten the freedom of easy flight.
Rooted in this spotted forest, I yearn to fly,
to soar above the web of life.

Miracles live in this place --
God speaks with fractal wonder of fiddle-head fern
and cumulus cloud.
On such a glorious morning, even I can hear the voice.

I return, renewed, with three new poems.


Matia Rania Angelou
May 1994 


Matia Rania Angelou, Eshet Hazon (“Woman of Vision”), is a published  poet, ritual artist, healer, and teacher.  Ordained a Rabbinic Pastor  and Spiritual Director through ALEPH, Matia is a Mikveh Guide at  Mayyim Hayyim Community Mikveh, Newton, MA, and a member of their  Ritual Creation Team.  Matia is a SpiritSong teacher who uses her  music for healing and spiritual refinement.