Summer 2015 Introdcution   


This introduction to Soul-Lit's Summer 2015 edition is being written on the morning of June 25th, the day on which full equality in marriage has been declared a Constitutional right. Clearly, the long,
inhibitive winter, which did blossom into a spring of possibilities, has finally
given way to the full warmth of love, inclusion, and joy. This journal, dedicated as it
is to that light of the soul which is spiritual poetry, rejoices in the light of each
individual soul and in the love it generates and is able to
receive. Accordingly, this day is itself spiritual poetry,
manifest in time, space, culture, and direction. Soul-Lit,
which welcomes poets and poetry from across the
spectrum, likewise welcomes this amazing summer,
with works of intense brilliance, openness, passion,
and depth. The day calls for nothing less.

Today is a good day for poetry!


Wayne-Daniel Berard