Marilyn Zelke-Windau       



peel back gently
the fragile packaging of the soul
blanket the ooze with your warm hands
hum the infinite tune




Those last hours
when you douse your face,
your hands,
with the last waters,
the last baptism of the day,
washing clean,
sanctifying night,
the dark hours,
the death hours
in hopes of awakening
to a new blessing of light.
Ah, ritual,
and its calming influence!
Ah, repetition, all these days.
Life is nothing
but a fond, burnished continuum.




Marilyn Zelke-Windau is a Wisconsin poet and a former elementary school art teacher. She enjoys painting with words. Her poems have appeared in many printed and online venues including Verse Wisconsin, Stoneboat, Fox Cry Review, Your Daily Poem, Midwest Prairie Review and several anthologies. Her chapbook Adventures in Paradise (Finishing Line Press) and a full length manuscript, Momentary Ordinary (Pebblebrook Press)were both published in 2014. She can be reched at: