Fay Loomis


Quee Qwah

Quee qwah, she says.
Unbidden, the magical sounds rise within her body,
up through her throat, and out  her lips.
They bring her pleasure.

Why?  What do they mean?
She doesn’t know.

She forces herself
to say the nonsensical sounds
over and over,
to squeeze meaning from them.
Mystery vanishes.
No pleasure, no sense.

She returns to her spontaneous mantra,
resounding once more with the cosmos.

Quee qwah, she says.


Fay L. Loomis lives in the woods in upstate New York and is currently writing poetry and fiction. Recent publications include a poem “Ode to the Bhagavad Gita,” Healing Power of the Imagination Journal, and flash fiction pieces “FedEx Man,” Twisted Endings, and “Curly’s Bar,” Pan’s Shadow. She can be reached at: