Mel Waldman  



The snow swirls for miles and miles,
& beyond,

sails over unborn towns, cities, countries,
& continents,
over the early Earth;

covers all,
flows for days,
perhaps years in pristine creation,

& the eerie earth is adorned with a pure
vastness, the sacred color of snow;

unborn beings taste the nameless snow that

drink the sweet flow of water,
& swim in the boundless oceans;

after the time of the glorious snow,
life and the world of miracles arrive,

& humans taste the silence of the snow,
the stillness,
the vastness and the love,

& the snow covers all,
& it is beautiful




The House of Silence


Gather interludes,
invisible spaces
the battered clocks of trauma,

retreat to the House of Silence,
a secret place of tranquility,
my inner voice reveals,

return to Old Brooklyn,
the deep snow,
where my ancient child plays,
looking upward toward the Heavens,
tasting the wet whirling snowflakes
while dancing in the vastness of joy



Mel Waldman, PhD is a psychologist, poet, and writer. He is a past winner of the literary Gradiva Award in Psychoanalysis and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in literature. He is the author of 11 books. He can be reached at or