Julie Ann Otis

Dear Mind,

As you know, over the past year our organization has gone through many changes.
We've seen the heart department grow through massive expansion, a whole new soul wing was added, and the identity and body wisdom departments are now collaborating in exciting new ways.

I've called you in today because I want to recognize the work that you've done in the past, not just this year, but over more than three decades in service, and to talk about how your job will be changing as our organization takes on new frontiers, expands consciousness, and continues to grow.

First I want to say that you are by far one of the most enthusiastic employees we've ever had. When the body took a hit, when the heart was completely broken, you were there through it all really keeping determination and focus and most importantly, curiosity stayed alive and vibrant. You are an integral part of our team, not just because of your hunger for new projects and your determination, but because of your constant desire to contribute. Anytime we have a new query come through the door, your hand shoots straight up, and your passion for helping the whole is so clear and so valued. I thank you for that.

Now that we are transitioning into an era of unprecedented freedom, levity, harmony, clarity, and wealth of spirit, there are tasks that you have done in the past that are simply not necessary anymore and other assignments which are very much needed and best served by you and your capability and enthusiasm:

The first of these tasks is worry. I know that worrying has been part of your job description for a very long time, and indeed, in past paradigms, worrying was essential to the very fabric of who we were. Although you are especially skilled at it and it has been so much a part of your role of planner in the past, this aspect of your work is simply obsolete now. Planning will still be very much a core part of your department, but it will now be outfitted and originated in wise discernment and recognition of timely opportunity. I know you have already begun partnering with intuition on projects like these, and I hope you'll be as delighted as they are to continue building on the work you are doing inspecting, identifying, and capitalizing on opportunities. Now that worry is no longer part of this process, I think you'll both find it easier to resist preemptively seizing opportunity and will really be able to pluck the buds once they've bloomed.

The other task that is no, Mind, is comparing. Not all of it, but most of it. Now that the  organization has moved into an age of innovation and inspired creativity, the arduousness of looking for similar paths or ideas to be able to follow an external blueprint is now outdated. If yYou were to continue with this task, in fact you would almost certainly impede our forward progress, and I know that's not what you want. As we have discovered in the round--‐the--‐clock laboratories of the soul, not only is the blueprint now arriving from within, it is also much more dimensional and fluid than we had once thought possible. I know that this task of searching for the road has been very dear to you in the past and that we achieved much by it, but" the customer is always right," and in this case, Mind, the road no longer wishes to be imitated or limited by what has come before.

This brings me to the most exciting part of our conversation, today, and one that I think you've seen coming for awhile, albeit with a mixture of eagerness and fear: It is to face and overcome the Mountain of Myth. The partnerships you've created with all the other parts of our being will be essential in this undertaking, and you will not have to climb this mountain alone. We are now in a time and place when the cost of myths to our livelihood and full expression, and not just ours but all beings, is incredibly high. Our houses are shadowed by the mountain; myths of scarcity, separateness, struggle, sin, myths of false power, false wealth, false beauty. And it is you, Mind, who will lead the charge of wise discernment, climbing poles of patience and steadiness in hand, allowing the mountain to become ash underneath us as you scale its face. I know this will not be an easy task, but I have every confidence in you and your unwavering passion for clear seeing.

I am honored to offer you this promotion and thank you again for your incredible work ethic and commitment.



Prayer for the Single Girl

He never had the guts
He is a coward
You are a warrior
You deserve a man who writes you poetry
who sends you flowers
who fucks you for hours
who makes you laugh
You will be his precious girl
his pet
his goddess
Someday, though you might be barely ready
he'll arrive
Pour yourself into getting ready
for easiness beyond your wildest dreams
Prepare your body and mind to receive the love of your life
as natural as an exhale, peaceful as home
Enjoy the power you have and wield it delicately
Revel in the ecstasy that is blooming at this very moment
from the greatest depths of your being
Dole it out to those that are worthy
in amounts suited to their capacity to receive
Make love to the world



Julie Ann Otis is an artist creating written, spoken, and performance poetry, often composed on the fly and occasionally performed in mid-air. Julie also teaches contemplative bodyful practices to help students develop active receptivity, fluidity, and ease in their creative process and every day lives. Her accolades include Opus Affair Artist of the Year in 2014 and an exhibition at Boston City Hall in 2013. Julie’s next workshop, “Befriending The Inner Critic,” will be offered June 14-20, 2015 on Martha’s Vineyard and more info is available at www.julieannotis.com.