Volume 9 - Fall/Winter 2014

The opening epigraph to T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets comes from Heraclitus, and can be translated, “The way in and the way out are the same.”  Winter has often been described as “the mystic season,” that time when the elements themselves seem to conspire to slow us down, to send us within, and to create contemplation and deeper awareness.

This sense of “deeper awareness” certainly runs through this issue of Soul-Lit; the images, invitations, and actual shape of the poetry seems to call to us to come inside, so as (in time) to move outward. The beautiful work of our feature poet, Rama K. Ramaswamy, certainly accomplishes this, as does a radio interview with poets Lawrence Kessenich and Rene Schwiesow on the nature of spiritual poetry itself (click here).

It is our hope that, with the click of a computer key, that which can sometimes overwhelmingly lead us “out” will, on this occasion, provide a way in.

 We invite you to permit this issue to companion you through this mystic season.


Wayne-Daniel Berard
Samantha Libby

2013 Soul-Lit Retreat, Providence Zen Center, Cumberland RI

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