Immanuel Suttner


Now that
mom and dad
have been resting awhile
they have shrunk
to a good size
to carry around in my heart
and there they reside
peeping out now and then
through my eyes.
and I too one day
will take my place
in the hidden heart of the world
and whenever someone stares at
a leaf or supernova instead of
attending to some needless chore
or quietly does their duty
instead of doing something
they thought they wanted more
I will be there
but not as imagined
in fact as something I have never
encountered yet
and never will

the great unmet
that swallows up all
fear and regret



Immanuel Suttner has published work in literary journals in Australia, South Africa, Israel and the UK, and his work has been anthologised in four different anthologies. In 2007 his collection Hidden & Revealed was co-published by Snail Press and Quartz Press. He can be reached at