Lost and Found
Looking back, I was a child,
Trying to find a place in this big world,
There I was, foolishly trusting yet blindly courageous,
Took on the world, as if I were the strongest warrior.
I was beaten down.
The love making me laugh made me cry.
Hardship I would overcome bravely like an eagle soaring through the thundering sky.
But only love could break my heart.
No, life is fair, and it can still be not fair.
I blame no one.
Regrets? What’s the use?
It’s just the way it goes.
I was pushed down,
I even stayed there on the ground, silent, broken, lost,
The heart of mine felt like falling to pieces.
Still, lying quietly, spending time being on my own,
Looking at the sky above, I realized,
What happened was the world going easy on me.
I learned some precious lessons about love, and life.
I’ve lost some that I’ve loved,
Yet I’m blessed with some that love me unconditionally.
Some that lighted up my bitter soul.
Some that wished for my happiness.
Some that I would swear to love until the end of time.
So here I am,
Once lost.
Now found.


Levparah's real name is Hoang Bao Tran Cao, a 24 year old who has graduated and who loves, laughs, and lives for each and every day. This poem is dedicated to her Godfather.
She can be reached at baotran237@gmail.com