Meira Ilana Appell


steep in the One,
myriad of diversity within infinity.
Align your chakras to the flow of Yah,
surrendering, with receptivity,
to the stream of All that is.
Grace will guide you to be true to your essential self,
empowering you with courage and compassion.
Your highest potential of dreams and intentions will manifest by utilizing your gifts and talents with joy and awareness.
Merge with Universal energy
Love will be attracted to you.
  You will live,
 with peace and ease. 



Meira Ilana Appell has been in the field of Education for more than 25 years, as a High School Special Educator, Graduate Education Supervisor and most recently as an Elementary Literacy Specialist. As a member of the Jewish Renewal movement and the B'Nai Or community, she was awarded the honor of Eshet Hazon, Woman of Vision and given the title, Poet of the Holy Light. She is the mother of two sons, Ben, 24, and Jesse,21 and currently lives in Newton, MA. She can be reached at