Chelan Harkin


Why Are You So Happy?

“Why are you so happy?”
Someone asked me.
“Why am I so happy?
Darling, why are you so drab!?”
Birds just threw themselves
into the sky
like a handful of winged seeds
to go pollinate the south with music!
Each evening the sun creates
a symphony of color and your heart matches it!
I’ve got two hands that can hold your soft face and magical eyes
with black holes in the middle of them
that spend their whole lives
pulling in all light and beauty!
Because even the winter snag is shimmering with secret promise
and I can see a hint of its fruits,
because every bucket of your darkness
is alchemized into wisdom
simply by handing it to the light!
When we were born, God gave us an automatically refillable bag of jewels called a soul that we can share with any living thing to make it sparkle and sing!
Darling, why am I happy?
Simply because today I am choosing to remember
all of that!"


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