Chelan Harkin


Slay Your Sacred Cows

God smiles, almost bemoaningly,
at your stack of prayers,
your hoard of good deeds,
your performed purity
and gives a big, celestial, "sigh".

If He could sit you down and give you a good talk,
that is, if He didn't have better things to do
like whirl and celebrate His own great mystery
and rapturously create universes and such,
He would say,

"Darlin', you have to slay your sacred cows first.
You must stop kissing ass, even mine,
especially mine.

You must plunge into this soul I gave you--
it is deep, terrifying and wondrous.

You must stop hesitating.
You must nourish yourself
and forget everything
you've been taught in church
and everywhere else.

Your soul is the sacred tome,
these books are simply arrows
back into you.

You must actively strip your soul,
skinny dip in me.
Feel the grace, experience the touch
of mystical astonishment
for your own self--
I didn't make you a sheep!

I made you a sorcerer of wisdom,
a slayer of untruths,
a vessel of stars,
a fortress of inner knowing,
a cathedral of beauty.

To get to me you must slay your sacred cows.
To get to me you must first be willing
to slay everything
you've thought me to be."


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