Irene Koronas


father always said
enough is enough

for years enough 
has not been enough

swift words said
collect into the current

they sink side by side 
without meaning

they rock the ocean floor

where enough algae eats slowly

and enough is enough sands itself

lucky stripe

low tide pushes pebbles 
onto thick muddy sand 

shore footed prints wash away 
the smooth surface worn 
clear cracks might appear 
if one sees 

carefully one might find
a black stone with white curves

complete in circumference 

those are the lucky ones
she keeps in her pocket


Irene Koronas, poetry editor for Wilderness House Literary Review. Her poetry appeared in Clarion, Lummox, Free Verse, Posey, Presa :S: Press, and on-line zines.  She published ten chap-books, and has poems in several anthologies, also, she has two full length books, 'Self Portrait Drawn From Many,’ Ibbettson Street Press, 2007,  'Pentakomo Cyprus' Cervena Barva Press' 2009.  Her most recent chapbooks,  'Zero Boundaries', Cervena Barva Press, 2008 and 'Emily Dickinson," Propaganda Press, 2010.