Adam Fisher

Seeking God

Walking on my street
I look at a large rock.
Lichens, moss, ferns
grow out of a crack.
A tree leafs out,
a branch is broken.

Sitting at dinner, I see
my wife trying to hide
the pain in her eye and neck.

In my class I see Cynthia smile
Tamara looking tired
Sam failing to ignore his cancer


a niggun arose
within me
spiraled up
climbed toward
the One
who reaching down
embraced me.

Ads vs. God

All the TV wants
is for our kids
to spend money.

All God wants
is for them to be
what they are
and to love
one another.

Way to Go God

Hot stuff!
God, You made all these people,
in different shapes, sizes,
colors, (I especially like
that blonde over there.),
not to mention
all those personalities;
yet, each one in your image.
Quite a trick! Way to go, God!


Adam Fisher's poems have appeared in a wide variety of publications. His three books of poems are: ROOMS, AIRY ROOMS, published by Writers Ink Press and Cross Cultural Communications in cooperation with Behrman House, DANCING ALONE, published by Birnham Wood/Long Island Quarterly and ENOUGH TO STOP THE HEART, published by Writers Ink Press. Among his many awards was first prize for 2008 and 2009 in the Performance Poets Association contest.