Paul Bura

Let the Pen Do the Work

Let’s dance
And show that
We know how too

To celebrate
On the edge
Of a planet
Let alone this one

And realise
That it is not
Just you and me
That can move
With such grace

But the whole
Of creation
Will celebrate too
And with a grin
On its face,
Oh yes, a grin!


 Dropping Me

You have dropped me
Right in it

Holy of holies!

Where all
Roads meet

Where all flavours
Form this sacred stew

Where all worries
Make not an ounce
Of sense

Where one footfall
Is like another
Stretching from
One universe
To the other
Without moving
An inch!

It’s all here
Where we are

Every atom
Every syllable
Every question
Every answer

All, all of it

And still you don’t
Believe me!

You’ll get there –
Everybody does!


Paul Bura's work as a poet and writer covers 40 years. It took 12 years before a London publisher (Mitre Press) was interested – meanwhile he self-published three collections of poetry selling them at poetry readings and festivals. Kent Education Committee (UK) hired him to read at colleges and universities. He has broadcast for BBC Radio 4’s flagship for poetry: POETRY PLEASE!  He is also a ‘Voice-Over’ artist.