Ivan de Monbrison


Часы тяжелы, как камни,
Но время проходит так быстро,
Это противоречие.
Стрижи улетели.
Город жарко и грязно,
Полный машин и людей как
Но в кладбище
Птиц можно увидеть сейчас,
Потому что здесь все люди в могилах.


Hours are heavy as stones
But time goes by so fast
This is a contradiction.
The swifts flew away.
The city is hot and dirty
Full of cars and people like
But in the graveyard
Birds can be seen now,
Because here all the people are in graves.







Ivan de Monbrison is a poet, novelist and artist born in 1969 in Paris. He studied oriental languages in Paris, and then worked for the Picasso Museum, before dedicating himself to his own creativity. He has been published in literary magazines globally. His last poetry book in English and Russian без лица / Faceless has just been released in Canada. He does not believe that his art is of any real significance; he does it as some kind of a tribal ritual. He is fully aware that vanity is one of the worse enemies of most poets and artists, and tries to stay away from it as much as possible.