Victoria Yeghoyan


Too Many Words

Too many words have been spoken.
Too much has been written down. 
People have captured you
And put you in a cold, gray box.
A lock has been secured.
To hold you in. 
I cannot bear it.
I want to set you free.
I want you to be without definition. 
We have given you roles to play.
Their name is legion.
We have given you lines to speak
instead of letting you speak freely. 
We are telling you
what to say,
who to judge,
how to be. 
We have defined you,
put you in Webster’s dictionary,
confined within lines. 
We have dressed you
according to our own fancies. 
We have made you what we want you to be.
We do not see you as you are. 
And when we want to show you off,
the lock comes off.
But you are not in the box. 
You never were.




Victoria Yeghoyan is a new writer. She is an ordained minister who honors all religious traditions.