Wilderness Sarchild


 I Would Like To Know

what delighted you today
what died in you
what brought you to your knees
or would have, if you prayed?

My granddaughter smiled
not just her mouth
but her eyes
crinkles in each corner.
I could almost die
with relief.
I would have dropped to my knees
in gratitude
if I weren’t busy
growing alive in her glow.

what do you love about yourself, about the world?

I know what you mean.
I, too, find it hard to love myself
when I have had 73 years
to witness the 10,000 ways
that I fail.
And it’s hard to love the world
when hate continues to recycle
through decades and centuries.

Do we lie down in the dirt and die?
Or open the door and welcome
whatever comes?




If healing is one hand,
and suffering the other,
and the two hands are clasped
from dawn to dusk
teetering at cliff’s edge,
held by gravity,
falling to infinity,
what lies between?

Sweet and bitter, two lovers
promised to one another
until death do they part.




Wilderness Sarchild is an award-winning poet and playwright who has been published in numerous anthologies and literary journals. She is the author of a full-length poetry collection, Old Women Talking, published by Passager Books, and the co-author of Wrinkles, the Musical, a play about women and aging.