Caroline Reddy


A Sacred Dance                          

Twirling in a tattered tribal scarf
and an empty room,
I remember the empress flame
that lit the embers of an old Sufi heart.

I dream of a womb
where the ashes of a wounded bird
do not spoil.  

it has been abandoned in a crypt
hidden beyond cypress trees
and tiger lilies to serve
me now.

Reserve these shimmies
and protect lost goddess shakes
maddening masquerades
in this sacred dance of stillness and shifting space. 




A Warrior’s Heart

It seems foolish to pretend that my heart’s desire
can wait out these little tugs and bites.
For years I let the shadows play
and invisible fears inflame my flesh.

Long have I waited to be fierce
beneath the climb
I stumble.
between words
I stutter.

When the light flickers
fireflies fade
knives glint in the night.
tricksters play as I drift by.  

I drink deep:
the sweet warrior blood bestowed upon my ancestors
and their swords that never fled in the heat of the battle:
to rip through my melancholic cocoon

I crave this sweet aphrodisiac to take root.




Caroline Reddy is a versatile writer whose published works include a poem in the online publication Active and several short stories in the online publication of Breadcrumbs Magazine. Caroline has also written a book review for a volume of poetry by award-winning poet Claudine Nash. A native of Shiraz, Iran, she is working on a semi-autobiographical novel about the immigrant experience from an Iranian-american perspective.