Andreas Potos


Sometimes, I Notice

I may have become
my mother--wearing a soft
plaid blouse she would wear,
my mouth turning its corners into a smile
at small delights: 
relief of the heating pad
on my spasmed back muscle,
a plate of homemade ravioli
from my neighbor two doors down.

How to explain the wholeness
I inhabit, as if I have learned how to abide
with her lost physical form
and she and I are together, both of us
giggling, a sound suddenly
like the tinkling of ices cubes
in the tall glass of soda she enjoyed each night. 




Andrea Potos is the author of several poetry collections, including Marrow of Summer, and Mothershell, both from Kelsay Books; and A Stone to Carry Home and An Ink Like Early Twilight, both from Salmon Poetry.  Her poems can be found widely in print and online, including most recently in Spirituality & Health Magazine, Poetry East, Braided Way, Buddhist Poetry Review,and One Art.  She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.