Najin Mostamand


Dancing With Flames

Open your mouth
And swallow this torch.
Quit reaching for water,
When it’s fire you need to bathe in.

Burn everything you once knew.
Burn even your self.
Light this fire inside you,
And let your shadows dance around it.

Feel the flames lick your Soul,
And release you from your own grasp.
Let the moths surround you,
And be taken by the Source.

Reduce yourself to dust,
And know how it feels to start from scratch.
Roll around your ashes,
And welcome them with joy.

No phoenix will rise here.
No symphony will play.
But your true self will emerge.
And all else will melt away.

To suffer is to heal.
To burn is to rinse.
Why resist the undying embers,
When you can be free.

Dance with these flames.
Let them steal you in the night.
For love is born in passion.
In ecstasy, you are alive.




Najim Mostamand is a spiritual guide, writer and poet helping people connect with their spiritual side and achieve inner peace by awakening their highest selves. He is the author of over a dozen spiritual poems, and is currently working on his debut poetry book. For more information, please visit