Kimberly M. King


Upon my hands

My cupped hands, my herb-
anointed hands, have just
stripped stems of their incense,
their leaves that bear a heady subtlety, 
a bite, a bloom of green, a tease,
a taste, of the wind that has laughed
while passing through this garden.
I bow my head, I inhale earth s grace,
and give thanks for such a blessing
that lingers upon my hands.




Reading in Late July

The humid weight of summer
presses into the page of the book
which begins to set roots in my hands
which begin to stick to my lap
which succumbs to the gravitational pull
of the bench and the bench to the porch
and the porch to the lazy earth, thus
rendering all suspended in a hazy stillness
thick with dreaming—
it is only then, in that quiet,
that the goldfinches appear,
chartreuse and inquisitive,
assessing the sculpture I ve become.




Kimberly M. King is currently the director of Barat Spirituality Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  She also does work in Spanish/English translation and has maintained a blog of poetry and essays at for 14 years.  Other interests include photography, cooking, walking, and keeping a curious heart’s eye peeled for mystery and wonder.

These works have appeared on, a site created by the poet.