Diane Elayne Dees



The things I think that I may someday need:
a heavy tool whose purpose I forgot,
an empty box, a pack of unsown seed,
a cable that plugs into who knows what,
some blank CDs, a set of sheets I ve had
for many years—but never used, the skirts
I used to wear to work—(it makes me sad
to see them), and my blazers, scarves and shirts—
the address of a friend who disappeared,
a box of buttons on my closet shelf,
the cat bowls that have not been filled for years,
the scattered remnants of my former self.
The things I know I ll need are hard to find:
a prayer, another chance, some peace of mind.



Diane Elayne Dees is the author of the chapbook, Coronary Truth (Kelsay Books), and two forthcoming chapbooks. Diane, who lives in Covington, Louisiana, also publishes Women Who Serve, a blog that delivers news and commentary on women’s professional tennis throughout the world. Her author blog is Diane Elayne Dees: Poet and Writer-at-Large.