Jean Biegun


Heart of Job


It is important to say thank you
to the ground.
There is required bowing
and the necessary lowering
of every inner voice and veil.
Each day, each moment,
in supermarkets and car repair shops,
in a high school office
where the principal stares at forms,
the ground must be touched and thank-you
spilled over it
like proffered gold.

Somehow you have to hold them in your heart:
the hard stones caught in the craw
as well as the pretty blue gems you cradle.
And then you have to let them go,
release, spit all of it out,
let loose every gripped thing.
This is the only way, the way of Job,
the gladsome emptying out
of the heart and craw of Job.






Jean Biegun, retired in California, began writing poetry twenty years ago to counter big-city job stress, and it worked. Poems have appeared in Mobius: The Poetry Magazine, After Hours: A Journal of Chicago Writing and Art, World Haiku Review, Amethyst Review, Time of Singing, Presence: International Journal of Spiritual Direction and many other places.