Natalli Amato



When joy comes in
I don’t know how to greet her -
There is a Joni record on and a bottle of wine
left out from my long visit with the self.
I offer these things to Joy
to be polite.
Joy wants none of it.
Joy is a little huffy with me.
She takes the pen and paper from my hands,
grabs me by the elbow, and brings me outside
where the wind blows cerulean,
the lake stretches cerulean,
and the sky, that old illusion, is all cerulean.
She wants me to do a cartwheel across the front lawn
like she does, like when we were kids,
but I don’t - that’s not how this poem goes.
Instead, I breathe in so much cerulean
my shoulders shrink down from my ears and
taken by the cerulean wind,
my face goes soft into a smile.






Natalli Amato is the author of On a Windless Night (Ra Press, 2019). Her second collection, Burning Barrel, is forthcoming in 2022. Her writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, Darling Magazine, and the Lily Review. She has forthcoming work in Blueline and New York Quarterly, among others. Natalli is a graduate of Syracuse University and she lives in upstate New York.