Marge Piercy


Different thicknesses

Some friends we discard as the connection
lacked bones, energy; or too many insults
passed off as jokes; or seeing the world
from opposite corners of opinion.

Some friends we misplaced somehow,
lost their emails, their phone or cell.
Single women who took their husband’s
surnames after marriage and thus vanished:

Ninita, Olivia, Jean, Dolores, Linda.
Struck down and gone and missed:
Dan, Lois, Ruth, Marie, Stephanos.
They entered our lives and left us

long before we were ready, if we ever
would have been.  Some friendships
endure for decades; others fade or
cut off before they had time to ripen.

Our lives are strung on these necklaces
that may break or wear out scattering
beads, but some last-- part of us woven
of connection, of warmth, yes—of love.



 Copyright 2021 Marge Piercy