Winter 2021

The year 2020 called on us to be courageous and resilient,
to find the “joy in the terror” in the words of poet
Vievee Francis. 2020 brought us to the streets in
protest and it brought us to poetry. 

In this issue, we bring you poems to anchor and inspire you.
To move you to new places. Our featured poet, Alexander Kern is an Interfaith leader,
Quaker Chaplain and the Executive Director of the Center for Spirituality and Dialogue
at Northeastern University. According to Alexander, “Poetry can spur creativity
and radical reimagining of a post-pandemic world. Like faith, poetry can provide
a moral anchor and help us to make meaning in the face of the absurd.
It can incite wonder, awe,
even gratitude and joy.
It can quicken our conscience
or invite us into healing
spaces of silence and stillness,
a sacred pause in the midst of our frenzy.”

Thank you to Alexander Kern and all of the poets featured in our 2021 Winter issue.


Deborah Leipziger
Co-founder, Soul-Lit