Phillip Vassallo


Fortune Cookie 18: On Crying

 A thousand tears could not cleanse one’s collar,
much less form a river. Yet lucky is she who stands
in the sand trying to wash the world and the child 
at her feet, tossing the tear-filled pail into the ocean.


Fortune Cookie 23: On Studying

For true wisdom study not just
the ink on the page but the paper itself
and the hands that made it
as well as those that now turn the page.





Phillip Vassallo lives in New Jersey by way of the Bronx of Maltese ancestry and have embarked on his third career of fulltime writing after 19 years as a marketing director for Lifespire, a nonprofit organization serving developmentally disabled individuals, and 24 years as a self-employed communication consultant, having taught for corporations, government, and universities throughout the USA and in China. He authored the instructional books The Art of On-the Job Writing, The Art of Email Writing, and How to Write Fast Under Pressure; his poems, essays, and fiction have appeared in numerous publications; and my plays have been staged widely. He dedicates these poems to Georgia Kostares, his wife of 44 years.