Morgan LeDuc

When He Plays For Me

Elegant fingers fancying piano keys sound to me
like unadulterated grace spread across a ballroom dance floor. 
It sounds complementary to luxurious dresses and rehearsed dances.
Feels like this is where I’m supposed to be;
Like my whole life I’ve danced for this one dance.
I imagine that I am dancing exquisitely with my love;
A princess in a castle, parading an opulent gown. 
My long hair curls down into the arch of my spine where his hand rests.
He stares into my eyes, hungry, he licks at his lips. 
My dainty fingers press into his neck and he kisses me.
Hot breath grazes my ear as he breathes "I learned this just for you."




Morgan LeDuc is a sophomore at Nichols College, where she is majoring in English with a minor in History. Her passions include writing poetry, hiking and traveling. Morgan’s dreams for the future consist of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, writing books about her travels, and training service dogs.