Alexander Levering Kern


Counting Each Thanksgiving 

First, the slanting persistence
of light through the trees
massaging the bare back 
of snow. 

Then the courtesy of evergreens
and deciduous trees 
on the far side of the reservoir,
each yielding to the other. 

Thank you too for long nights awake, 
the dream of rest, my soul no solitary agent
but dwelling instead among the living,
humans helping and being helped. 

Then the laughter of our cousin Tina, 
newly engaged and leaning back 
in the arms of her favorite rocking chair
the happiest I’d ever seen.

Thank you for Quaker meeting today, the quiet mind
and the body at rest beginning to move
in gratitude for this winter fire
and the sudden flood of gratitude -

the song inside, which is my soul:
a love song to all that is. 


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