Anshu Johri

A Room Full of Things

a room full of things-
fragile old letters
letters which were never posted
lists of itineraries
itineraries incomplete and forgotten
pile of old calendars with crossed dates
dates of meetings cancelled or postponed
collectibles, junk, cryptic sketches
sketches of mugged imageries,
worn out diaries of faded words
words that don’t make sense
empty cups
cups with coffee stains
still ticking, a dutiful clock
clock that isn’t ambitious to show correct time
some cotton swabs with dried blood
dried blood from an obsolete wound
frenzied dumping of bills
bills of unpaid balances and frozen accounts
frozen accounts of everything
everything in the room

that still
bubbles and belittles
but for a silent corner
corner where stands in silence
sculpted Buddha in white stone
white stone covered with layers of dust
layers of dust in a meditating form
form of dust so calm and serene
hidden beneath it, is an oval space
an oval space spotless, pure, and clean

in a room, full of things.





Anshu Johri authors short stories, poems and plays in Hindi and English. She has published three poetry collections and two short story collections in Hindi. Her work has appeared in various Hindi literary magazines and journals of the world. Her work in English has appeared in “SAGE”, “Caesura”, “Calliope”, and many other journals. A hardware engineer by profession, her other interests are theatre, painting and anything that soothes the soul.