Eleanor A. Hubbard


Stumbling into Groundlessness

My spirit’s lost
Who will find me?

Magical god pulls out the rug
I scramble like a cartoon character.

Shapeshifter god plays funny tricks
Stands firm beside me, disappears.

Superhero god saves my day
Muscles expanding, mine atrophy.

Companion god holds my hand
Chat as we step into a big rut.

Pathfinder god points the way
Eye on the horizon, step into the abyss.

Metaphors die
Tropes terrify
Symbols suffocate
Parables stagnate.

No security
No stability
No permanent solutions
Clinging is useless.



Not Today, Satan




Eleanor A. Hubbard taught college students sociology for over thirty years.  Her areas of expertise are race, whiteness, class, gender, sexual orientation. Now, she is writing, particularly poetry, as a form of teaching. Eleanor is a Christian; however, she has explored many religious traditions.