Vishwan Heckert


New Prescription

Dear Soul,

Perhaps you might like
to rest your eyes,
removing the smudged spectacles
of ‘not good enough’.

What strain they cause!

Who knows what ghosts of
memory were captive here –
vision obscured by fears
of insufficiency.

It might be time
for a new prescription.

The sweet salt ocean of your heart
might begin to overflow,
pouring through your eyes.

Love itself letting the
past find peace –

the clear, golden light
of Now shining through
your eyes.





Vishwam Heckert is a Heart of Living Yoga Teacher & Trainer currently living in Matlock, Derbyshire, UK. He is in love with the mystical teachings of all spiritual traditions and has never understood borders. A former scholar of anarchy, he now shares simple ways of finding peace. His website is and his first poetry collection is forthcoming with WyrdWise.