William Bratton

She knows

She knows that life has been lingering on
The patterns, the sounds, the forms all the same
The dusty lamps, the trodden floors
Have all been permanent for so long

She knows that life has meaning at times 
There were children to bring forth and raise, 
caring friends she could turn to and trust 
and faithful pets to warm her heart
But they are now long gone

She knows that life has its price to pay
A drunken man she once called her other half 
A son living in debauchery and hate
A daughter who never answers her calls
They are still around if only in name
But names are stubborn like facts

She knows it’s just a matter of time
When the daily ritual will cease to be 
The cluttered rooms emptied and cold 
The joys and pains boxed away
But that time is yet to come
And the wheel must keep turning

She knows that in life there is hope
That when all is said and done
A gentle light will penetrate the clouds





William Bratton has never published any of his poetry and am only beginning to look into the possibility of doing so. His background is in communication and public relations, but he have always been interested in spirituality, mainly Vedic scripture, Persian Sufism and the esoteric aspects of Christianity, mostly mysticism. He is comfortable in several languages and have travelled widely.